Follow the Funnel: A Guide to Successful Content Marketing

Content Marketing for the Sales Funnel

Content marketing is fun. Yes, it can be difficult, but getting to put ideas together in creative ways on a regular basis and call it “work” is probably one of the best perks of marketing.

Unfortunately, it’s quite easy to fail at it. So many of us just want to start writing and putting ideas into create formats. We often forget content marketing (much like all marketing), has one overall goal – increasing revenue. Building blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, infographics and other content types all refer back to a successful content marketing strategy. And all successful strategies are directly related to the sales funnel.

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21 Free Tools for Infinite Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing is difficult. There, I said it. Constantly writing and creating engaging content for specific audiences on a regular basis just isn’t easy. To make things worse, sometimes coming up with topic ideas can take hours. I’ve found myself staring at a wall for 20 minutes just thinking about mobile development, pondering what others wanted to know about it.

To help myself discover new questions, in-depth topics and popular ideas within each subject area of my content marketing, I’ve built a list of tools I use online to help me brainstorm new post ideas. To help you get past the topic hurdle, I’m sharing it with you.

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Leverage Company Culture for Entertaining Content Marketing

The foundation of a solid content marketing campaign is entertaining and useful content.

Considering I work with some of the brightest people I’ve ever met, creating useful content for my company isn’t difficult – their brains are a gold mine of information.

Sometimes translating that information in an entertaining way, however, isn’t the easiest task.

To remedy this, I’ve been focusing on fun culture pieces that not only emphasize what we know but who we are.

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