Branding a Movement and Why Every Word Matters

Last week, Sheryl Sandberg’s and the Girl Scouts of America released a video explaining how semantics affect young women and their personal growth.

In it, Beyonce, Jane Lynch and other female celebrities explain how girls are taught assertion and leadership are not desirable qualities in women. When they exemplify these characteristics, girls are labeled as “bossy,” and according to society, that’s not a good thing.

And thus, the #BanBossy campaign was born.

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The Marketing Manifest: January’s Success Stories

January set the tone for an incredibly fun, challenging year. I’ve really focused on contributing more to this blog to improve my writing and have been lucky enough to kick off 2014 at SteadyRain with a lot of writing projects as well. In addition to our updated content marketing strategy, we’re launching a few big projects for which I’ve been writing quite a bit.

I can’t spill the beans on those campaigns just yet, but you can check out some of the professional work I’ve completed this month:

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Your New Favorite Time Suck: A Guide to Jelly

Earlier this week, Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, announced a new social media app that connects its users with questions and images. The app connects users with not only their Facebook and Twitter friends and followers but also their second-degree connections as well. That’s a big network for Q&A interaction.

Because part of my job is not only understanding how to utilize new media from a consumer standpoint but also how to leverage its capabilities for marketing, I was eager to start an account. Earlier this evening I jumped in to play with its functionality and investigate its typical user demographics and range of question topics. Here’s a run-down of my first 30 minutes of exploration:

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Closing Out 2013 at SteadyRain

It has been a busy last few weeks. I’ve spent what feels like every waking moment Sunday evenings through Friday afternoons worrying about projects, brainstorming ideas to make them better and making dozens of checklists to make sure I don’t forget anything. Then I spend Friday evenings through Sunday afternoons trying to relax and get through everything on my personal to-do lists.

I’ve got a packed December ahead as I start updating SteadyRain’s website content for a new year, finish wrapping and coordinating delivery for more than 150 client gifts, plan a few January work events and still juggle my day-to-day responsibilities at work.

Even though I’m incredibly busy, I’m thankful for such a challenging position. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in these short seven months, and I look forward to building my experiences and expanding my professional skills even more in 2014.

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Dear Brands, Evolve or Die

Blockbuster Video ClosingYesterday, Blockbuster announced it’s throwing in the towel. Parent company, Dish, plans to close all company-owned locations by January.

I’m not surprised. Are you?

The company started dying when Netflix hit the DVD rental market. Until then, Blockbuster had little competition. In the years since, the company has made two crucial mistakes over and over again:

  1. Reacting slowly to competitor movements
  2. Not anticipating shifts in market trends and target audience needs 

Blockbuster just didn’t adapt in a rapidly-changing environment. Too little was done much too late.

Want an example of brands who roll with the punches? Look no further than Blockbuster’s competition. Netflix and Redbox have done an excellent job updating its strategies to meet customer needs:

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